Anydays is a fun and friendly puzzle brand that helps you spend more time offline. 🤍

Cause it’s not just the puzzle. It’s the zen that comes with it.

My name is Leonie, and when covid kicked in, I found myself wandering back to something I always used to do with my mom: jigsaw puzzles.

I liked that it didn’t involve a screen and that it was challenging, but that I could still have a conversation while I was at it. Or sing along to my very (very) cheesy country music playlist. Or listen to a podcast. Puzzling helped me keep my cool during that weird period of time.

After piecing together a bunch of puzzles I borrowed from my mom, I wanted to move on to prettier images — cause puzzling is a LOT more fun when you actually like what you’re looking at. I couldn’t find any, though. Sure, there were some hip-ish companies, but none of them made anything resembling the visual aesthetic that I was after. So I decided to make my own.


All Anydays puzzles are:

  • 💅

    Pretty as a picture
    They are pictures, after all.

  • 🧘

    Mindfulness was never this fun!

  • 🇳🇱

    Made in the Netherlands
    By a bunch of kick-ass women.

Plus, we’ve got a secret weapon: Murphy, our Chief Barketing Officer.

Murf thinks our puzzles are delicious and hopes to be featured on one of them someday. We do a happy dance whenever we get a new order notification.